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  • Louise Redvers | June 06th 2013

    The size of the Nova Cidade de Kilamba, the Chinese built housing development outside Angola’s capital Luanda, was as important as the construction itself. The US$3.5billion estate – made up of over 700 buildings over 54sq kilometres - was supposed to be a flagship symbol of Angola’s post-war economic might and it led many to dare to dream of having their own home.

    Indeed for a while Kilamba was the shining...

  • José Machicane | May 01st 2012

    O motor do interesse da presença colonial ocidental em África foi a delapidação dos recursos naturais do continente, catalisado pelo poderio militar dos conquistadores, perante a ingenuidade, às vezes, e cumplicidades internas do poder indígena, quase sempre. De lá até cá muitas transformações ocorreram, mas permanecem os resquícios da espoliação protagonizada pelo capital colonial em África, com a nota dominante de...

  • Masego Madzwamuse | June 19th 2012

    Rio+20 is taking place against a backdrop of global environmental, economic and development crises. These events, exemplified by recent financial and banking failures, are linked in the minds of many leading analysts to an unsustainable, short term, market-driven macroeconomic paradigm that fails to adequately address the interlinked challenges of climate change, food insecurity, increasing global poverty and inequality...

  • Tutu Alicante | April 12th 2012

    On March 8th, all 14 African nations on UNESCO’s current executive board voted to approve a prize sponsored by Teodoro Obiang, president of Equatorial Guinea. They did so under the guise of 'African solidarity' - in the process dismissing a host of prominent African voices, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Graça Machel, and many others, who had publicly urged UNESCO to abandon the misguided...

  • Richard Lee | October 20th 2011

    One of OSISA's most important books - Tearing us Apart: Inequalities in southern Africa - has just been reviewed by Karabo Kgoleng of South Africa's City Press, who concludes that "...[it] should be on the desks of all state ministers and...

  • Louise Redvers | June 13th 2013

    More than seven months on from its high-profile launch Angola’s Sovereign Wealth Fund has no investment policy, no chairman and despite its huge press team’s best efforts, dwindling credibility.

    The US$5billion Fundo Soberano de Angola (FSDEA) was launched last October in the capital Luanda, generating no shortage of global headlines. Journalists – I was among them – were flown in from London, Johannesburg and...

  • Liz Hosken | February 22nd 2017
    OSISA grantee, The Gaia Foundation has opened the exhibition ‘From Amazon to Africa’ in London, to celebrate 30 years of work. In a story spanning three decades and almost every continent, The Gaia Foundation has worked with indigenous and local communities to protect their rainforest homes, restore agricultural diversity...
  • Elias Isaac | December 13th 2013

    A new global transparency standard for oil and mining industry revenues promises to bring transformative benefits to citizens across the world but not in Angola, if big oil in the USA gets its way.

    The Cardin-Lugar provision within the US Dodd-Frank Act and the new European Union’s Accounting and Transparency Directives form the cornerstones...

  • Richard Lee | February 03rd 2012

    By Louise Redvers, Mail & Guardian: In Angola corruption affects everybody, from the poorest slum dweller forced to pay for so-called free medical care and primary school education, right up to the gold-watch-wearing government minister who has shares in companies that win lucrative state tenders.

    According to the 2011 Global Corruption Perceptions Index released in December by Transparency International, an...

  • Richard Lee | February 01st 2012

    After struggling for years to see justice done, the survivors of the infamous Kilwa massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2004 have been dealt a severe blow by the Quebec Court of Appeal, which ruled that their case against Anvil Mining could not be heard in Canada - overturning an earlier ruling by the Quebec Superior Court that had allowed the matter to go ahead.

    The Canadian Association Against Impunity (CAAI), ...

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