Mar 20th, 2012

  • Richard Lee

    The indefensible decision by a magistrate in Harare to convict the 'Egypt 6' forconspiracy to incite public violence is another devastating blow to hopes of a genuine transition to a freer, more democratic and more open society in Zimbabwe - and a fatal blow to the rule of law in the country. The magistrate was clearly following poiltical orders since even a cursory examination of the 'evidence' shows that the six (Munyardzai Gwisai, Tafadzwa Choto, Tatenda Mombeyarara, Edson Chakuma, Hopewell Gumbo, and Welcome Zimuto) had less than no case to answer.

Mar 19th, 2012

Mar 15th, 2012

  • Richard Lee

    Occasionally there are stories that are so extraordinarily bizarre that you need to triple check that they’re not on a spoof news website. And ‘sex toys for prisoners in Zimbabwe to stop the spread of homosexuality’ is one such story. It could – should – only be a satirical attack on the homophobic rantings of so many of Zimbabwe’s politicians, church elders and others. But it’s not. It’s a genuine story – although it is in that daily purveyor of hate speech and half-truths, the Herald, so still needs to be taken with a pinch or two of pro ZANU-PF and anti-MDC salt.

Mar 13th, 2012

  • Richard Lee

    Swaziland is in the midst of such a severe financial crisis that King Mswati III called on all Swazis to do what they can to help the nation. Everywhere you look belts are being tightened. For starters, MPs are facing a 10% salary cut. The elderly are digesting 3 million dollars worth of cuts to their already meagre state assistance. And there better not be any natural disasters this year as the National Disaster Management Agency has had its budget halved.

Mar 08th, 2012

  • Richard Lee

    For a man who prides himself on his academic credentials, Malawi's President - Professor Bingu wa Mutharika - seems to have trouble learning from past mistakes. After the furore over last year's childish expulsion of the British High Commissioner and subsequent loss of revenue and face, you would think that he would have decided to treat key donors more diplomatically. But not the Professor.

    Malawi, Economic Justice

Mar 07th, 2012

Mar 01st, 2012

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