- Percy Zvomuya, Mail & Guardian reporter

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June 20th, 2013

 - Percy Zvomuya, Mail & Guardian reporter

African artists have often be at the forefront of campaigns for change. And now is no different. Across the continent singers and poets and photographers are showing that you can successfully mix art and calls for greater equality and social justice. Percy Zvomuya lists ten of Africa's top artistic activists.

- Petina Gappah, Open Society Fellow

Pentecostal preachers are all the rage in Zimbabwe, especially those - like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa - who preach prosperity in a country still battling to overcome a decade of economic decline. Makandiwa is the head of a church called the United Family International Ministries and commands huge followings. So huge that he can fill the National Stadium. So what exactly does he preach to the tens of thousands in the stands. Petina Gappah went along to find out.

- Bhekinkosi Moyo, Director of Programmes, TrustAfrica

The role of African philanthropy is being discussed like never before - from the potential impact of small community funds to the growing influence of Foundations formed by some of the continent's richest people, to whether or not philanthropists are willing to take on social justice issues. Bhekinkosi Moyo has no doubts - philanthropy must play a bigger role than merely doling out charity. It needs to be at the heart of the political economy of Africa, particularly in relation to the governance of natural resources - because only then can it help to transform society and achieve its ultimate goal – to provide love and dignity for humanity.

- Lloyd Gedye, freelance journalist

The African continent is experiencing exponential growth in mobile take-up – with the continent forecast to boast one billion mobile subscribers by 2015. And as Lloyd Gedye shows in these ten snapshots, new mobile applications and websites are springing up across the continent – transforming Africans ability to access to information and participate in political processes as well as providing new services to reduce inequality in spheres such as healthcare, agriculture, finance and culture.


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