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Naming and shaming

By Mantoe Phakathi | March 18th, 2014
King Mswati opens new airport and names it after himself

When he launched his – sorry Swaziland’s – brand new airport, King Mswati III was determined to make a clear point to all the detractors who had criticised the project over the years. So in front of the assembled praise-singers and TV cameras, Swaziland’s absolute monarch announced that the ‘state-of-the-art’ facility would be known as the King Mswati III International Airport.


Young women picking up the baton

By Tsitsi Fungurani | February 24th, 2014
OSISA has invested in young women leaders across southern Africa and our work is now bearing fruit

For the past few decades, the women’s movement in southern Africa has been under scrutiny for having lost its vigor. Back in the 1990s, the movement fought gender inequality in private and public spaces, and many governments listened.


No democracy in Swaziland

By Vuyisile Hlatshwayo | February 24th, 2014
The only winner in Swaziland's elections is King Mswati

The Swazi government routinely claims that the kingdom adheres to the 'dictates of true democracy'. King Mswati III calls it a 'monarchical democracy'. But is Swaziland a democracy in any real sense


Namibia's war on women

By Gwen Lister | February 19th, 2014
Murder and rape of women and girls on the rise in Namibia

Violence against women and children in Namibia is reaching critical proportions. Of late there have been some particularly horrific incidences of what are unfortunately termed 'passion killings'. The usual public outcry follows each gruesome story. Calls for the reinstatement of the death penalty, a 'national state of emergency' and a return to religious education in schools are but some of the 'solutions' offered for this escalating social evil.


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