Conference on critical reflections on community radio in Southern Africa

By MkhosiB | August 15th, 2012

OSISA awarded a grant to the Community Radios National Forum of Mozambique (FORCOM) to host a three-day regional conference that critically reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing the community radio sector in southern Africa.

The conference will address various issues relating to community radio, including technological change (impact of digital migration, for instance); community participation; the political economy of community radio (its ownership, funding, production and governance models); language and culture in community radio; and the role of community radio in promoting access to information.

This is a policy and research grant which will culminate in the printing and publication of a book on cutting-edge knowledge on Community Radio in Africa. This intervention straddles the two strategic objectives of the Media and ICTs Programme-namely; the promotion of access to information and promoting enhanced participation of rural and marginalized communities in social, economic and political discourses.

The Community Radios National Forum (FORCOM) is a national network of community radio stations created in 2004 for the main purpose of coordinating the work of community radio stations in Mozambique. FORCOM seeks to promote citizens’ access to information – especially those living in rural areas where mainstream media hardly reach.

The organization promotes sharing of experiences and content among community radios in the country. FORCOM was founded with the support of a number of organizations which saw the need for an organization that could coordinate the work of community radios as well as articulate their common interests.

These organizations included UNDP/UNESCO’s Media Development Project, the National Institute for Rural Development (INDER), the Institute of Social Communication (ICS), and the Austrian Institute for Cooperation North-South, the Catholic Church, Ibis and the Association of Women in Social Communication (AMCS).


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