The old adage that justice delayed is justice denied has never been more pertinent in Malawi – as the whole arm of government that helps citizens to access justice has not been functioning for the past two months. The reason – critical support staff are on strike in order to force the government to review their conditions of service. So apart from the occasional judicial order – such as recent rulings to release Ralph Kasambara on bail – only two arms of government are really operational – the legislature and the executive.

Centre wins ACHPR's first ever NGO prize for human rights

As African human rights practitioners gather in Yamoussoukro to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), it is critical that they frankly and honestly discuss the track record of this supranational body in promoting and protecting human rights on the continent.

Despite its many challenges and numerous critics, the significance of the role played by the African Commission in the protection of human rights – particularly through its interpretation and enforcement of the African Charter – cannot be denied.

Summary of each chapter ahead of national conference

On 23 August 2017, Angolans went to the polls for the fourth time in forty two years of independence and twenty five years of multiparty democracy. Provisional results have been announced by the National Electoral Commission of Angola (CNE).

Participants from 5 African countries will discuss governance, rule of law and human rights

Legal body joins fight for repeal of discriminatory law

Zimbabwe's draft constitution has been agreed by COPAC and the three party principals and will now go to parliament for approval and then to a referendum. SALC's Anneke Meerkotter analyses its good and bad points.

Analysing Zimbabwe's draft Bill of Rights

Malawi parliament axes amendment to Section 46

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