Enough is enough! There are no more excuses left. It is time for the African Commission of Human and Peoples’ Rights to pack its bags and leave Banjul – promising to return to its original home when President Yahya Jammeh is eventually removed from office.

Bail delays in 'carnal knowledge' case must end

Malawian president orders review of bad laws

Malawi's former ruling party - the ironically-named Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) - has a lot to answer for. It should be cravenly apologising for the mess it made of Malawi and working to come up with some decent policies for the elections ahead (or disbanding in shame). Instead, it is trying to drum up support by beating the old drum of homosexuality - hoping that this divisive issue will make Malawians forget the party's past abuses.

The Court of Appeal reaffirmed that the refusal to register LEGABIBO was both irrational and in violation of the right to freedom of association. 

OSISA support crucial to success of documentary

And so it came to pass. After weeks of hate speech and ‘gay-bashing’ by homophobic politicians and religious leaders, two men have been arrested in Zambia for the ‘sin’ of being gay. Ever since Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu launched into his latest anti-homosexual tirade a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before the police – and public – took action. And now they have.

As a gay African, with a background in analytic philosophy, the most annoying opposition to my sexual orientation is the claim that my lifestyle is un-African. It is annoying because historic and anthropological claims about the origins of behaviour seldom offer principled reasons why a lifestyle should never be allowed.

Two men charged with acts 'against order of nature'

Last October, I sat in the medieval gilt-and-velvet chamber of the House of Lords listening to an historic first-ever debate on LGBT issues in the British parliament.

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