Series of powerful documentaries on human rights & wrongs

Documentary takes Grand Award in Paris

OSISA support crucial to success of documentary

This project seeks to address the issue of human rights violations in Angola, through the production of a film on the current human rights situation and conditions in Angola focusing on civil and political liberties as well on the social, economic and cultural rights of the excluded and impoverished citizens and communities.

The main goal of the project is to contribute to the reduction of human rights violations in Angola, with a particular focus on social, economic and cultural rights through visual information and images.

Have you ever wondered whether simple pain treatment is readily available around the world? Shockingly, in most countries it isn't. Indeed, more than half the countries in the world have little to no access to morphine, the gold standard for treating medical pain - amounting to a hidden human rights crisis.

OneTime Films was established in 1995 in Cape Town, South Africa, as a film/video production unit covering First People’s issues in southern Africa and beyond. OneTime Films specialises in the production of documentaries, documentary reports and advocacy films on First Peoples issues in southern, central and east Africa, and has produced dozens of documentary outputs from this framework. They also initiate and take on other film/video documentary work covering the environmental, socio-political and cultural sectors.

The conference seeks to forge new partnerships and networks, while strengthening existing platforms for dialogue between film practitioners, civil society and the state. This is seen as vital as documentary filmmakers search for new ways of continuing to make socially relevant films.

When in doubt, send in the police. That seems to be the motto in Swaziland – which is odd given the claims of King Mswati (and his government and glossy tourist brochures) about how peaceful the country is and how happy and contented his people are.

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