Despite the qualifications expressed in the previous paragraph, the relationship between China and the countries researched here has repeatedly been presented as a development partnership, not a commercial arrangement.

Sometimes despair is the only response. Despair and fury - that mining executives can be so blinded by profits and greed that they cannot see the horror of their ways. Usually, their real views about the workers their companies exploit are kept well hidden by a wealth of PR gurus and communications experts. But just occassionally they speak candidly and then the truth comes out - the truth that they do not care an iota for the men and women who toil in often hazardous conditions to keep them mega-rich.

During the UN Convention to Combat Desertification's COP11 in Windhoek, there will be a critical panel discussion on Better Land Use, Better Future for All - Partnering with civil society to enhance sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This booklet describes a major initiative to partner with civil society to enhance sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa

SADC-Parliamentary Forum adopts Southern Africa Resource Barometer

SADC-Parliamentary Forum adopts Barometer

New smelter will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions

Dr Michel Kazatchkine, Liepollo Lebihang Pheko, Yao Graham and Clare Short to debate the future role of institutions like the Global Fund and Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Africa at the OpenForum

“Globalisation today is not working for many of the world’s poor. It is not working for much of the environment. It is not working for the stability of the global economy. The transition from communism to a market economy has been so badly managed that, with the exception of China, Vietnam and a few East European countries, poverty has soared and incomes have plummeted... The problem is not with globalisation, but how it is managed.”     

Joseph Stiglitz

What is the scale of Chinese investment in Africa generally and in the countries we have studied? What form does it take? This chapter will set the scene for the analysis that follows by discussing the scale and nature of Chinese investment.

Data Deficits

Before discussing the details, however, it is necessary to note that the picture offered here is incomplete because data on China’s role is, for a variety of reasons, unreliable.

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