The 11th Conference of Parties (COP11) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) will take place from 16-27 September in Windhoek, Namibia.

To be held under the theme “A Stronger UNCCD for a Land-Degradation Neutral World,” the conference will assess progress made in the implementation of the convention’s 10-Year Strategy (2008-2018) and develop a way forward for the next five years.

Rio+20 will debate sustainable economic path

During the UN Convention to Combat Desertification's COP11 in Windhoek, there will be a critical panel discussion on Better Land Use, Better Future for All - Partnering with civil society to enhance sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This booklet describes a major initiative to partner with civil society to enhance sustainable land management in Sub-Saharan Africa

Many projects promise the earth. But few can genuinely promise to help save it by contributing to the fight against climate change while also improving local food security, boosting economic growth and enhancing people’s health.

OSISA and HBF to host crucial discussion at COP17

Travelling through five countries in southern Africa, I took these photos of – and produced a 35 minute documentary on – a number of innovative and positive projects that are helping people to adapt to the growing impact of climate change.

Zambia’s copper industry is doing well. Now the third largest copper producer in the world, its mines produced over 700,000 tons in 2011 – an output that was last recorded in the industry’s heyday in the 1960s. And an output that was set to be smashed in 2012 with the Bank of Zambia forecasting that copper production would rocket to over 975,000 tons.

If the global demand persists and the commodity prices remain buoyant then Zambia’s mines could rake in as much as US$7.3 billion.

In a recent column entitled Southern African elephant corridors blocked by poachers, Don Pinnock paints an alarming picture of the threats facing Botswana’s huge elephant herds: how hordes of hunters and poachers are lining up to gun them down, and how thousands of hungry elephants are now trapped south of the Chobe river unable to head north to colonise the vast empty parks in Zambia and Angola.

10 winners will take home US$5,000 each

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