Kinshasa nights

© Paul Boates
Circle of light - Hawker's brightly-coloured umbrella of light designed to attract customers in the Kinshasa dark © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Midnight snack - There is always food for sale somewhere on the streets © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Portrait of a hawker - One of the tens of thousands of people who make a living hawking on the streets © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Rich and poor - President Kabila beams down on a stark example of Kinshasa's massive inequality© Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
News at night - Catching the latest news on an ancient radio © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Bonfire night - Flames consume some of the rubbish littering the streets of Kinshasa © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Family fun - Young and old gather around their tiny TV set © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Still life - Student poses amid the hustle and bustle of a Kinshasa night© Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Spoilt for choice - Street full of food and drink stalls offering a wealth of options for the hungry and thirsty © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Paul Boates
Party on - Kinshasa's famous night life is worth getting dressed up for © Paul Boates © Paul Boates
© Max Bastard
Max Bastard - Feb 6th, 2014

Thanks to patriarchal cultural and political systems, rural women in South Africa remain one of the most marginalised minorities and are routinely denied access to broader human rights and dignity.

© Conrad Bornman
Conrad Bornman - Jan 7th, 2014

The Cart people are the only nomadic group of people left in South Africa. You will find them all over the Karoo, a very dry landscape, where they migrate from one

© Pete Muller
Pete Muller - Jan 7th, 2014

This stunning series of photos of South Sudan's transition to independence won the OPENPhoto 2013 competition.

© We Are All From Here
Richard Lee - Nov 26th, 2013

We Are All From Here is an anti-xenophobia campaign in South Africa based around an innovative and interactive multimedia exhibition

© Paul Botes/Mail & Guardian
Paul Botes - Aug 15th, 2013

To mark the anniversary of the Marikana massacre, OSISA teamed up with the Mail & Guardian to produce a special report focussing on the families of the dead miners.

© Kim Winter
Kim Winter - Aug 12th, 2013

Wired for Sound is an innovative OSISA-funded project, which will give Mozambican youth the chance to air their views on key issues and their untapped musical talent

© Ilan Godfrey
Ilan Godfrey - Aug 1st, 2013
As in the rest of southern Africa, people with disabilities in Zambia are among the worst affected by negative socio-economic conditions and face stigmatisation and social exclusion.
© James Oatway
James Oatway - Jul 26th, 2013

The barren farm of Platfontein is home to thousands of San - former soldiers in the South African army - and their families, who have been abandoned by those they fought for and against.

 © Jeff Barbee
Jeff Barbee - Apr 17th, 2013

There are few more controversial topics within the global debate on the impact of extractive industries than ‘fracking’ - now the fight has come to southern Africa.

©James Oatway/Panos for OSF
David Scamell - Mar 8th, 2013

The Women's Legal Centre  provides legal services for sex workers in Cape Town in collaboration with sex worker organisations.

© James Oatway/Sunday Times
James Oatway - Jan 16th, 2013

Gold miners in eastern DRC no longer fear warlords but now they are exploited by a plague of corrupt government officials and security personnel.

© James Oatway
James Oatway - Oct 1st, 2012

Angola's elections have come and gone but few Angolans have much to celebrate. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos does, as he can now look forward to another 5 years in office - on top of the 33 he has

© Paul Boates
Paul Botes - Aug 3rd, 2012

Kinshasa is famous for its nightlife - with an endless selection of places to eat, drink and dance the night away. The darkened streets are lit up by stalls selling a vast array of food and drink for

© Karl Symons and Delme Cupido
Karl Symons - Aug 2nd, 2012

On June 30 2012, Dawid Kruiper was laid to rest in the Kalahari. The leader of the indigenous Khomani San, Kruiper's state funeral was attended by thousands of mourners.

© Ilan Godfrey
Ilan Godfrey - Apr 25th, 2012

In the late 1800s mining began to spread unrelentingly across much of South Africa resulting in extreme wealth for a few, suffering for the majority and serious environmental degradation.

© Eva-Lotta Jansson
Eva-Lotta Jansson - Jan 30th, 2012

With all the breathless talk of mineral wealth and Chinese demand and soaring economic growth in resource-rich African countries, it is easy to forget the fact that mines seldom benefit the communities around them. Some

@Jeffrey Barbee
Jeff Barbee - Dec 1st, 2011

Travelling through five countries in southern Africa, I took these photos of – and produced a 35 minute documentary on – a number of innovative and positive projects

© Eva-Lotta Jansson
Eva-Lotta Jansson - Nov 8th, 2011

Lucia Sergio Massingue, 5, lives in Chate, a rural village in northern Mozambique, in a household headed by her grandmother. Lucia has been living with her grandmother and her many aunts - the wives and daughters of her

©Matthew Oldfield
Richard Lee - Jul 28th, 2011

The Hadzabe from Tanzania are one of the last tribes of hunter-gatherers in the world. They live around Lake Eyasi and the Serengeti Plateau in Tanzania and number 1000-2000, although just 300-400 still live a traditional

©Peter Muller/AP
Pete Muller - Jun 23rd, 2011

For the past 15 years, the world has watched in horror as women in eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been subjected to a reign of terror and mass sexual violence by a variety of armed groups,

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