Constructive Engagement on the Implementation of the NGO Act.

By Glen Mpani | August 05th, 2013

In 2005 the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Government introduced a regulatory mechanism for non- governmental organisations through an NGO bill passed hastily without thorough consultation. The NGO Act included provisions that require mandatory registration, vests more powers in the governmental regulatory body with provisions of severe criminal sanctions on civil society. The implementation of this Act comes at the backdrop of an already weakened civil society due to massive exodus of key personnel and actors into government. Zambia has over 11,000 registered civil society organizations under the registrar of societies whose work could be affected if administrative and technical support is not provided during this registration process. This project seeks to provide technical assistance through information sharing, co-ordinating strategy meetings and enabling the interface of key stakeholders involved in the registration process of CSOs.

The goal of this is to support CSOs to comply with the New NGO Act by providing technical assistance and initiating steps towards reviewing it by mid-2014.


i) To map the state and scope of CSOs in Zambia regarding the registration process by the end of 2013; 

ii) To provide information on the state of the NGOs and their scope as it pertains to the registration process so that they can register under the NGO act in Zambia by end of October, 2013; 

iii) To co-ordinate engaging and interaction on the NGO Act by civil society and develop strategies on the registration process under the act by mid-2014; 

iv) To foster an enabling environment for the operations of NGOs in Zambia by engaging government and CSOs on the best possible ways of regulating NGOs with a view to initiate discussions on the reform of the act by mid-2014.


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