South African Liaison Office (SALO)

The Southern African Liaison Office (SALO) was originally founded in 2004 as the Zimbabwe Liaison Office by Zimbabweans who saw the need for a group of South Africans to advise and assist them in lobbying and opening space for dialogue in South Africa.

SALO is a non-governmental organisation with a solid track record of:

• Organising dialogue forums for informed discussion amongst key government and civil society actors from South Africa, the SADC region and internationally.
• Linking with and organising South African and regional civil society responses to the crisis including lobbying and advocacy initiatives aimed at influencing policy interventions.
• Conducting relevant research and producing papers and policy briefs to back these processes.
• Recording civil society events, conducting first hand interviews, and producing videos that deepen and guide the dialogue, lobbying and advocacy processes.
• Using our wide horizontal and vertical networks of diverse contacts to disseminate video material that accentuates the depth of crises in the region and stimulates thinking about the particular ways in which women are being affected by the unfolding of events.
• Lobbying and influencing key policy makers within the South African government, the African National Congress and its Alliance partners, progressive opposition parties, SADC and other African governments as well as the international diplomatic community.
• Working with policymakers, NGO's, academic institutions, cultural bodies and the media to analyse and interpret regional events as they unfold, to highlight repression and resistance and to build regional awareness and agreement.


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