ELECTIONS WITH INTEGRITY: Dialogue Platform on Electoral Processes

By Glen Mpani | August 05th, 2013

As Mozambique prepares for local government elections in November 2013 and Presidential and parliamentary elections in 2014 it still faces major problems around electoral violence, accusations across party lines of fraudulent practices, politicization of public institutions, threats of boycott, and accusations of bias in the management of electoral processes. In the past, this problem has resulted in elections characterised by high levels of voter apathy and citizen mistrust on the credibility of the electoral processes. The causes of these challenges are seen to be the poor mechanisms for communication and information sharing between the Electoral Management Body (CNE), political parties and local citizens; the limited knowledge of the electoral law, which creates an enabling environment for fraud; breach of the legislation, and lack of electoral transparency. To minimise the inter-party conflict Netherlands institute for Multi-party Democracy (NIMD) proposes promoting a better sharing of information and reducing the tensions that characterize the pre and post-electoral period through dialogue. The dialogue platform will entail hosting a series of activities jointly developed between the main stakeholders. These will comprise roundtables discussions at local and central level, meetings for the adoption of a code of conduct, and training sessions on electoral processes with political parties.

The purpose of this project is to contribute towards a free and fair election by promoting an environment of peaceful, transparent competition, and trust through an honest, systematic, and open dialogue between the main stakeholders, in particular the Political Parties, the CNE, and the citizens, in the various stages of the electoral process and at various levels (both national and local).

This project aims:

i) To provide all political parties with the necessary information on the entire electoral process thus allowing them to compete on a level playing field in terms of knowledge;

ii) To reduce the levels of violence throughout the electoral process by strengthening the peaceful climate of inter-party harmony and relationships with the electoral management institutions through the promotion of joint activities on issues of common interest;

iii) To strengthen the interaction between the Electoral Commission (CNE)/Secretariat for the Electoral Commission (STAE) political parties, the citizens, thus contributing to a healthier relationship and trust between these stakeholders.


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