The Centre for Investigative Journalism-Malawi (CIJM)

The Centre for Investigative Journalism-Malawi (CIJM) exists to foster greater transparency and accountability in Malawi by improving media standards and the quality of investigative journalism. CIJM is based in Mzuzu in the Northern Region of Malawi in Kentam Mall Building in the heart of Mzuzu City. CIJM is a National NGO established in 2012, legally registered with Malawi Government in 2014 under registration no. MBRS1006042. The mission of the Centre for Investigative Journalism is to promote investigative journalism through skills development and mentorship thereby contributing to social and economic accountability in Malawi. Its vision is a creation of a safe and prosperous society, and a Malawi where investigative Journalists become active, productive and effective partners in development. In order to achieve this envisioning, CIJM has the following core objectives: • To build investigative journalism as a profession in all sectors of Malawian media and to establish investigative journalism as a realistic career choice for Malawian Journalists; • To promote the interests of Malawian Investigative Journalists in the written, visual or broadcast media; to foster solidarity and excellence among Malawian Investigative Journalists, and to promote cooperation in all matters of common concern; • To stimulate professional standards and ethical conduct in both Malawian Investigative Journalists and their media employers, and to provide a forum for the dissemination of information useful to Malawian Investigative Journalists. • Using a combination of project based operations, institutional support projects, technical assistance to journalists through internship placements and initiated policy-dialogue, the Centre focuses on democratic governance. The principles of good governance according to the Centre include transparency and accountability, participation, combating corruption and an enabling institutional and structural framework. Incorporated under the Incorporation Act (Cap) of the laws of Malawi, the Centre comprises of the Board of Directors, the National Council and the Secretariat. The Centre also has a membership of the following networks; National Media Institute for Southern Africa (NAMISA), Media Council of Malawi, African Network of Centre of Investigative Reporters, Mail and Guardian (the AmaBungane) in South Africa. In addition to these, the Centre has Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with several Media Houses and Colleges in Malawi. ShareThis

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