Know your sexual and reproductive rights

By Bukeka Mkhosi | July 06th, 2011

The main goal of this project is to support the Namibia Women’s Health Network’s in responding to the sexual and reproductive rights abuses of women living with HIV in Namibia - by seeking redress and halting coerced sterilisation as a cornerstone of efforts to advance the sexual and reproductive rights of HIV positive women in Namibia.

This project aims to provide both organisational strengthening and programmatic support to increase the effectiveness of the organisation as well as to continue and expand the work on sexual and reproductive rights.

OSISA will provide a grant to Namibia Women’s Health Network (NWHN)- an organisation of women living with HIV created by 14 women that participated in the Parliamentarians for Women’s Health project in 2005 to 2008.

The project will run from July 2011-June 2012 and aims to:

- Mobilise public and traditional leaders solidarity against the lack of access to sexual and reproductive rights of HIV positive women in Namibia;
- Fight for redress in the form of reversal of sterilisation, assisted pregnancy, apologies from perpetrators, and financial compensation;
- Change legislation on sterilisation, provide visible guidelines and information on informed consent sterilisation in clinics;
- Ensure that women know their sexual and reproductive rights including, but not limited to forced sterilisation; and,
- Build institutional support.


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