Haze and Hope

OSISA and the African Leadership Centre are running a course in Lusaka on Leadership and Society. We asked the participants to send us their thoughts


October 23rd, 2013

The jangling sound of discord

That is the unnerving song of life's journey

It pushes you to the route least desired

And offers you choices that are not yours

You strain your ears to make sense out of nonsense

Or find rhythm in discord

Sometimes it forces you into a corner

Where your only hope is to keep your sanity


Even in this maddening haze

You hear the silent voice of calm

It comes from deep within

Speaking hope and strength

Telling you that you can do it

Making you hear a symphony in the sound of discord

Art in confusion

And faith in pain

It is the human spirit that says:

It is your journey, your life, and your choice

It is the spirit of the LEADER



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