OSISA Journalism Summer School

By Dumisani Moyo | July 30th, 2013

After successfully hosting the inaugural OSISA Journalism Summer School (JSS), the Polytechnic of Namibia is seeking support to host the second edition of the Summer School. The inaugural JSS was funded as an operational project, with the OSISA Media and ICTs Programme playing a central role in coordinating the development of course materials, selection and invitation of both facilitators and participants, and co-management of Programme with the Polytechnic of Namibia. The overall objective of this initiative is to improve journalism as a profession that enhances democracy in the region. The JSS is offered in collaboration with the UNESCO Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development and was endorsed by editors and journalism educators from across the region.

Overall, the JSS training programme seeks to improve the quality of journalism in order to enhance democracy in the SADC Region. The specific objectives are as follow:

• To strengthen the quality of journalism and contribute toward a more professional media in the region through the training of journalists on various thematic areas;

• To deepen an understanding of journalism theory and practice to enable journalists to critically reflect on the role and implications of their work;

• To afford the journalists a learning environment which allows for the application of the theories addressed in the training;

• To address gender and gender policies as a means of ensuring balance and fairness in the news; and

• To promote collaboration and joint research among journalism training institutions across the region.


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