World Education in Zimbabwe

World Education in Zimbabwe began in 2008 with the implementation of the five-year Children First Project.

World Education-Zimbabwe aims to increase care and support for orphans and vulnerable children and youth. To this end, WEI-Zimbabwe provides financial and technical support to community-based and national organizations serving children in the areas of health, education and social protection.

In other related work, WEI and its NGO partners work directly with School Development Associations/Committees (SDAs/SDCs) under the Bantwana/Vana School Integrated Program (BSIP). WEI and partners award a lump sum of money to the SDAs, which can be used by the schools to address specific challenges facing that particular school—for example, upgrading toilets, purchasing textbooks, purchasing desks, etc. In return, the schools agree to accept a certain number of OVC as students, free of charge. These children are taken from beneficiary lists developed by partner organizations. This program ensures that vulnerable children are able to attend school while the entire school community benefits from the money. Two other critical services delivered under BSIP are Child Protection and Primary Health Care, which is delivered through conducting regular School health assessments.

WEI-Zimbabwe also works with clinics, schools, partner organizations and District health officers to resuscitate school health assessments (SHA), which used to be regular, yearly general health screenings under the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MOHCW) in schools in Zimbabwe. The purpose of the school health assessments is to promote Primary Health Care and identify children with life threatening illnesses in order to maintain a basic level of health that allows children to consistently attend school.


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