Advocacy for an Inclusive Education Policy in Namibia

By CraigNudelman | November 22nd, 2011

This project stems from Namibia Association of Children with Disabilities (NACD)recent strategy decision to increase its advocacy and sensitisation campaign for a human rights approach to disability issues. NACD is a national association, with a growing presence in all the regions of Namibia, providing services to parents of children with disabilities and the children themselves. It thus engages with the implementation of the national policy on disabilities. The current trend in Namibia is a paradigm shift, from the medical and social model of rehabilitation of people with disabilities to the human rights model. To keep up with this new approach, advocacy capacity building for the staff members, volunteers and care givers working in this field is necessary, and NACD through this pilot project will position itself to be a more strategic actor. The primary goal is to develop and design a carefully thought through advocacy and sensitisation program to promote access to education for children with disabilities in Namibia. The aim is to advocate for access and action towards special needs education, allocation of adequate resources and skills development and integration – in sum, Inclusive Education for All. The ultimate objective is to persuade the Namibian government and its Ministry of Education to formalise and implement policy at a national level and to show how, even in the absence of this formalisation, local and regional decision makers can apply action with success.


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