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In pictures: Angola's haves and have nots

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October 2nd, 2012

Angola's elections have come and gone but few Angolans have much to celebrate. President Jose Eduardo dos Santos does, as he can now look forward to another 5 years in office - on top of the 33 he has already enjoyed. And the wealthy and well-connected elite can also toast another 5 years of lucrative contracts and luxury living in Luanda. But for the vast majority of the people - there is little to look forward to. Mired in poverty and unable to access most basic services, life for the have nots in the country is a constant battle for survival - a daily struggle to scrape enough money together to put some food on the table.

James Oatway from South Africa's Sunday Times was in Angola to cover the August elections and he took this stunning series of images of Angola's seldom seen president - and the gaping divide between the haves and the have nots in the capital, Luanda.

To view the slideshow, click on the link below and then on the first image to launch the slideshow.


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