What it means to be a young woman in Southern Africa

By Alice Kanengoni | September 20th, 2011
What it means to be a young woman in southern Africa

The second issue of BUWA! focuses on young women's issues, providing space to explore the state of young women’s welfare and especially their involvement in social justice movements in southern Africa - as well as weighing the impact of ignoring them in strategies for fighting patriarchy and other vices that work against the principles of equity and equality.

The issue is packed with articles from academics and activists - and with the voices of young women - and provides a compelling insight into the quality of life and livelihoods of young women in the region. The articles also expose the socio-economic, political, and professional challenges, opportunities and threats to young women's effective participation in social justice movements.
There are articles on a wide range of issues from what it means to be young in southern Africa to the impact of the global economic consensus on young women in the region - a reality highlighted in two revealing pieces on the difficulties of everyday life for young women in rural Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Other articles focus on the need for cross-generataional dialogue and to engage young women more effectively in movement building and on some of the projects - such as the OSISA-funded Southern African Young Women's Festival - that are beginning to create safe spaces for young women to speak and be heard.
And there are thoughtful and thought-provoking pieces on young women and technology, the triple marginalisation of young women with disabilities, the need for more funding for young women's organisations and feminist solidarity. There is also the Buwa! interview with one of the region's foremost young women leaders. And much much more.
Southern Africa cannot afford to ignore the potential that young women carry, and articles in this issue of BUWA! illuminate the need to put young people – especially young women – at the centre of strategies for social justice.
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