08 January 2014
BUWA! - Feminism and Culture

The latest edition of Buwa! is out now focussing on Feminism and Culture in southern Africa with great articles from across the region

23 October 2012
Buwa - Sex and Health

The third issue of Buwa! focusses on sex and health in southern Africa as Alice Kanengoni explains in her editorial.

20 September 2011
What it means to be a young woman in southern Africa

The second issue of BUWA! focuses on young women's issues, providing space to explore the state of young women’s welfare and especially their involvement in social justice movements in southern Africa - as well as weighing the impact of ignoring them in strategies for fighting patriarchy and other vices that work against the principles of equity and equality.

08 July 2011
Guy Stubbs / Independent Contributors / Africa Media Online
This paper seeks to do describe how feminists have responded to the challenges and opportunities of the neoliberal global economic order. I proceed by briefly defining neoliberalism, noting its origins and the global processes it sought to address, then describing how it spread worldwide, its effects and feminist reactions thereto.

08 July 2011
In very general terms, feminism as a radical thinking/conceptual tradition has deliberately ruptured the boundaries of conventional, often reactionary knowledge production everywhere it has been practiced, and has challenged convention as an ideological practice, by arguing for a politics of transformation and of daily life.

08 July 2011
John Robinson / South Photographs / Africa Media Online
Within a context of entrenched gender discrimination, the devastating impacts of HIV and AIDS, widespread poverty and increasing competition for resources such as property and land, legislative solutions to the denial of women’s rights are urgently needed.
25 June 2011

BUWA! is intended to respond to the need for a regular and open space within which African women may tell their stories and document their lives. The African Union has declared 2010–2020 the African Women’s Decade, and BUWA! will provide Africa’s women with a means of recording their experiences, reviewing their strategies, highlighting best practices, challenging norms and amplifying women’s voices throughout the decade and beyond.

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