Tanzania 2015 Elections: Failure is not an Option

By Ozias Tungwarara

In many instances election management resembles crises management. This is simply because of the huge significance of elections as access to national resources and power; the personalization of state powers by elected officials and the reluctance of politicians to play by the rules.

Regional Conference on Building Democratic Developmental States for Economic Tra

Building Democratic Developmental States for Economic Transformation in Southern Africa

By Thabileng Mothabi

The conference brought together over 50 participants representing academia, civil society organisations, and representatives of regional economic communities. What emerged during the two-day discussions was that there is a huge leadership deficit in the region as a key enabler for a democratic developmental state.

African farmer woman checking the plants in the cultivated field

Impacts of Large-Scale Land Deals on Rural Women Farmers in Africa

By Dr Patience Mutopo

Large-scale land deals have been a recurrent phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa, since 2008, with a new face which is conjured around land access in Africa. 

Response to “I am not your daughter!”

Response to “I am not your daughter!”

By Thoko Chilenga

In this article, I agree with Nyanungo’s perspective by challenging cultural expectations and their sometimes contradictory actions; examining the imbalance between the disciplinarian and caring roles that cultural mothers have.

OSISA Angola - U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SCE) submission

OSISA Angola - U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SCE) submission

By Elias Isaac

A letter to the U.S. Security Exchange Commission (SCE) related to DOD-Frank 504 lobbying for the oil companies is pressuring exemptions for Angola. 

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The video offers insight into the issues faced by the San in Botswana and introduces the Khwedom Council, the main advocacy organisation for the San in Botswana.


Delme Cupido | 09 November 2015
Can Botswana’s Democracy carry Spirit of the Kalahari?
Botswana has long been hailed as a ‘miracle’ of democracy in sub-Saharan Africa. In the last ten years however, this gilded reputation earned during 1970’s and 1980’s which reflected high economic growth levels and political stability, has lost much of its lustre.
Namutoni Bushman with poison plant
Delme Cupido

The Hai//om have approached the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) of Namibia, a public interest law centre and human rights organisation, to launch an aboriginal title claim for the area  today known as the Etosha National Park.

Itai Zimunya

The political elite have captured states and use their killing machinery to silence the people. Corruption, 3rd-termism, fraudulent elections, education, health and economic challenges are rising on the continent. People on the receiving end are getting restless. How might

Patricia Mwanyisa

I have learnt that stereotypes are a component of stigma. They assign negative attributes to socially salient differences forming what social identity theorists call in-group and out-group categorisation. People tend to stereotype as a means of screening people which in

Call to reinstate the SADC Tribunal
On the eve of the SADC Heads of State Summit on Sunday 16th August the Coalition for an effective SADC Tribunal calls on heads of state to uphold the rule of law and human rights in the region by reinstating the SADC Tribunal.

Challenging disadvantage in Zambia

A groundbreaking report which provides an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by people with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities in the Zambian criminal justice system. The report presents a clear case for improvement and

Thulani Mseko and Bheki Makhubu
Muzi Masuku

Bheki and Thulani were both meant to come out of jail on the 16th and 17th of July 2015 respectively which is when both their terms in jail legally expire. They were arrested in March 2014. Much as they have not said so yet, it is expected that they will sue the

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