Report on San in Namibia twenty years after independence

San in Namibia

Struggle for rights goes on

Searching for his soul

Telling heroes tales

Restoring the soul of the Khoi-San

Role of Britain and British extractive companies in Africa

Undermining Africa's wealth

Britain's role in extracting continent's resources

Swaziland's new airport is a huge white elephant

Swaziland's white elephant

Lift off for needless new airport

Justice must be part of post-2015 development framework

Development needs justice

Justice must be part of post-2015 agenda

At the rate at which Simon Bright is churning out films about African rulers, the filmmaker might soon get the moniker of 'chronicler of power'. After his 2011 documentary, Robert Mugabe…What Happened?, Bright has moved down south to Swaziland to make The King and The People

Mike Zulu | Apr 07th, 2014
BUWA! - Feminism and Culture

I have been happily married to Doo Aphane, a feminist and a human rights activist, for 26 Years. Doo has dedicated most of her working life to advancing the gender agenda. She is unwavering in her desire and determination to fight for gender...

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Filipe Nyussi. Most Mozambicans don’t know much about him either. But it’s time to start learning because unless something goes very wrong, Nyussi will be Mozambique’s next...

When he launched his – sorry Swaziland’s – brand new airport, King Mswati III was determined to make a clear point to all the detractors who had criticised the project over the years. So in front of the assembled...

It’s time to for all of us in southern Africa to make ourselves deliberately uncomfortable about the extent of gender-based violence and open ourselves up to new thinking about how we are manifestly failing in our...

Many indigenous people struggle in today’s world, suffering from what anthropologists have termed the ‘loss of soul’ – a condition that arises when the connection between people and their traditions and inner lives is...

Southern Africa Resource Barometer

Globally, the scramble for access to, and development of, natural resources has intensified, partly due to rising demand from emerging economies. This trend has been reflected in commodity prices, which are at...

For the past few decades, the women’s movement in southern Africa has been under scrutiny for having lost its vigor. Back in the 1990s, the movement fought gender inequality in private and public spaces, and many...

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